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Published Books

Fort-de-France o la città invisibile, Milan, Unicopli, 2006.

Patrick Chamoiseau and Raphaël Confiant’s novels bear the influence of martinican urban life. In particular, Fort-de-France is the setting of those, among their novels, that have been translated into Italian. Different areas of the centre of Fort-de-France will be considered and compared to their fictional representations, often set in the 1950s or ‘60s. Beyond the « En-ville » and the gardens of La Savane, three suburban quarters that inspired famous novels will be evoked and narrated: Terres-Sainville, Morne Pichevin and Texaco. Some of the architectural features of contemporary Fort-de-France shed light on the urban core of the city, that bears the signs of the slaves’ surviving strategies in the plantations. Fort-de-France is at once real and imaginary.

If you want to read passages from this work or its reviews in Italian, check the italian posts of this blog here and here

Archipels littéraires. Chamoiseau, Condé, Confiant, Brival, Maximin, Laferrière, Pineau, Dalembert, Agnant, Montreal, Mémoire d’Encrier, 2005.

Does francophone Caribbean novel exist? can contemporary critics seize its peculiarities? This collection of interviews offers a unique opportunity to gain an insight on these writers’ opinions on a variety of literary issues, such as intertextuality, or the relationship with temporality. Even when these authors approach commonplace questions of the literary discourse, like those connected with identity, exile, or migration, the juxtaposition of their points of view inspires new readings. The definition of French Caribbean literature is thus enriched or even reinvented.

The TV show 10 minutes pour le dire, by Gora Patel on RFO-France Ô was dedicated to Archipels Littéraires on 15th December 2005. Click here to see the video (part 1 - part 2).

3A Télésud also broadcast a debate about this collection of interviews. Please click here (part 1 - part 2) to see the show with Patricia Drailline.

You will find here the main reviews (in French) of Archipels Littéraires: Le Devoir, 31 Décembre 2005 - 1 Janvier 2006 , Africultures, La Tribune des Antilles, Sudplanète.

Belleville, l’altra Parigi di Daniel Pennac(in collaboration with Anusca Ferrari)Milan, Unicopli, 2004.

Daniel Pennac has contributed to the myth of Paris, at least for his numerous Italian readers. This literary guide explores some itineraries based on Pennac’s characters before focusing on Belleville. The reader will learn the peculiar history of this area of Paris, and will recognise its traces in the Malaussène saga. For Pennac the city is a pretext for creation, a place of inventions, a source of fiction. His novels renew the urban myths.

If you want to read a review of this work in Italian, click here.

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