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My Translations

From French

Patrick Chamoiseau, Il vecchio schiavo e il molosso, Nuoro, Il Maestrale, 2005.
This is the Italian translation of Patrick Chamoiseau’s novel L’esclave vieil homme et le molosse, first published in French in 1997. This novel was not translated into English but if you want to know more about Patrick Chamoiseau’s work and biography, you can read a review of his novel Solibo Magnificent on the New York Times site. The review is written by Caryl Phillips, a writer whose work I would also strongly recommend.
Since it was published in Italian, Il vecchio schiavo e il molosso has had enthusiastic critics on Italian journals and magazines. If you to read them, please click here, there, here, there, or even here and there.
It is also possible to whatch the video of the launch of the book at Turin Book Fair, in collaboration with Arcoiris TV, please click here.

Kettly Mars, L’ora ibrida, Milano, Epoché, 2007.
This is the Italian version of Kettly Mars's, L'heure hybride, which was published in France in 2005, by my friends from Vents d'ailleurs Publishing house. If you want to find out more about the author and another famous novel of hers, please click here

Marie-Célie Agnant, Il libro di Emma, Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Spartaco,2007.
I was the agent of this book, which was also published in France by Vents d'ailleurs. In English, this was translated as The Book of Emma. Please click here for further details.

Juan Miguel Aguilera, Il Sonno della ragione, Siena, Barbera, 2007, in collaboration with Manuela Cumbo.
Please click here for more information about the author.

Consuelo De Saint-Exupéry, Memorie della rosa, Siena, Barbera, 2007. The memoirs of Antoine de Saint Exupéry's wife were published in France by Plon in 2000. please click here for more information about the author, and here for a review of the English translation of this novel: The Tale of the Rose, published by Random House.

Georges Rouault, Circo della Stella cadente, Milano, Jaca Book, 2007. The translation of this Art book introduced me to Georges Rouault.

From English:
John Astrop, I segreti della divinazione, Modena, Logos, 2004.
This guide explains how to practice the various divination techniques and was originally published in 2001 by DK Publishing, New York, as The Secrets of Divination.

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