martedì 25 agosto 2009

Missing Martinique ...

I spent a little more than 2 weeks in Martinique this July, and I'm missing it like hell... I went there to take my parents, who had never seen the island. This gave me the chance of doing things I had never been able to do when I went on my own, although I've lived there for a afew months as a PhD student.

Please click here to watch a rooster fight that is very similar to those I watched in Martinique (this video is from Dominican Republic though). The roosters seldom die - they're too expensive anyway. The overexcited gamblers contribute to a warm and unique atmosphere. I do feel this is cultural and one has to watch before casting a judgement on this kind of show.
This picture on top right was taken at the "prologue" of the "yoles rondes" race. These boats - the yoles - circumnavigate Martinique once a year, and before they start, there is a sort of a fair, with local bands celebrating the different teams. Then the yoles and their sailors get ready, which is quite complicated as the yoles have no engines - only a large sail and some sticks wich are similar to oars. These sticks hanging out of the boat are needed for the sailors to find a balance for the yole. the sailors actually sit on them ... the sight is breath-taking as you can feel how long a preparation is needed and how hard it is to sail a yole.

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